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Los Angeles Wildlife removal

We are often called upon for our professional handing of wild animals that many have learned to relate the words Animal Control  Orange County with the services our professional wildlife control and animal trapping company provides.

Many know the name Billy the Exterminator but our company has had the tradition of being the Wildlife Removal & Humane Exterminators in  Orange County long before that name ever made it to prime time TV . We are the real thing, no camera, no gimmicks just simply Wildlife Removal  Orange County experts who day or night 24 hours respond to bats in attics, mice in pantries, skunks under porches, coyotes eating pets in backyards, snakes in the grass or snakes in a house or even snakes in the garage, reticulated python in a baby crib, pacific rattler in the front yard grass and most any wildlife control emergency near  Orange County.

Bat, Bird, Animal Control & Removal Experts Near Orange County CA

Bat Removal Los Angeles

When a bat is in the living area of your home it is the right thing to get  Orange County CA emergency bat removal and find out how and why a bat was ever in your home in the first place. The first step in providing effective Bat Control Orange County CA is the bat control inspection identifying each and every exit. Whether you have bats in your fireplace, bats in your chimney or your attic/living area, Bat Control  Orange County CA will solve your bat problems the right way the first time, everytime. Bat guano which is just a fancy name for bat fece sis frequently reported as being very dangerous in large amounts and should be removed to protect your family, friends and pets from histoplamosis exposure. If you have been bitten or scratched by a bat then please take a trip to the hospital for a series of rabies shots &rabies treatment is almost 99.9% deadly and must be treate din the first few days of the bat rabies exposure. Bats will make colonies in your attic space if left alone and, if left untreated, you might even end up with bats in your living space. This is why the removal of bats by professionals is essential.

Contact your local bat control , bat removal professionals to help humanely remove these wildlife critters from your house or business. Bats are NOT harmed by your local bat control ,  bat removal professional extraction and eviction techniques. Did you search for “Bat Exterminator Orange County CA ” or “Bat Removal Lancaster Orange County CA ” or Bat Trapper Orange County CA . We can help call us and let us tell why you will want us to be the only bat removal & control from  Orange County CA .

Humane Bat Bird Animal Exterminators Orange County CA

Most common native wildlife nuisance species are often squirrels, opossums, raccoon’s, bats, voles, deer, mice,rats, coyotes, ravens, sea gulls, woodpeckers and pigeons. Our primary objective when we are hired by the pest control consumer to solve your  Orange County CA wildlife control concerns is to put an immediate end to any animal damage to your attic, home or property and to trap, control and remove any problem bat, bird, or animal in a environmentally acceptable, humane manner .

How We Solve Your Nuisance Wildlife Problems

Most pest control companies lack the experience in finding the cause of your nuisance bat, bird or animal control problem. They don’t see the tell tale signs that we look for when we first pull up and see your home for the first time. Some of the big clues they often miss are as simple as missing soffit and fascia, branches, or a fence or trellis that allow access to nuisance critters which tells us you have a ready built highway into your home. We inspect all vents, around all dormers, ingress and egress of all pipes, cables and electrical wiring leading into your home. Sometimes a new wildlife problem can be caused by a poor installation by a technician in another trade. If a raccoon can get their hands under a poorly installed vent or eaves; they can grab the roofing vent and either bend the vent or remove the vent and can create a future nest or colony location for bats, birds, raccoons, pigeons, rats, mice opossums etc.

These Four Wildlife Control steps lead to a successful nuisance wildlife removal program

  1. Correctly identify the species causing the problem. We look for common signs like bird droppings, bat guano, animal feces, or animal urine, look for their animal or bat tracks, food catches, nest or burrows. We look at everyhting the animal shares with us to help properly identify the problem animal.
  2. We alter the habitat, whenever possible try to make the area less attractive to any bat, bird or wildlife pests.
  3. Use a bat, bird, animal control methods that are appropriate to your location, time of year, and other environmental conditions.
  4. We monitor the animal damage site for any re-infestation to determine if additional control is necessary.

The most commonly used methods for controlling nuisance wildlife around homes and gardens include exclusion, habitat modification, repellents, toxic baits, glue boards, traps and frightening. Wildlife control involves human risks both through injury to person and property but also through disease.

Ethical Considerations In Nuisance Wildlife Management

There are many ethical considerations in nuisance wildlife management. Many regulations exist in the United States concerning animal trapping including trap check intervals, usually requiring all traps be checked at least once during a 24 hour period. Some governments permit relocation of wildlife, however humane considerations must be taken into account before relocating wildlife, including population and habitat. Some species of wildlife cannot be ethically relocated due to overabundance of competing species or lack of availability of proper food and habitat. Control during the spring months does run the risk of killing the young by starvation or in the summer months having a bat exclusion done on a home, fireplace, attic, or chimney during a bat maternity season and killing all the young unable to fly and exit a home like their mothers can year round. Proper euthanasia of animals when necessary is also a controversial and sensitive consideration to be taken prior to engaging in nuisance wildlife management and requires training and certification in some areas of the United States.

Written by Enzo Pavard

Enzo Pavard

Enzo Pavard is an expert in the destruction of harmful insects in Harlan, Kentucky He has 2 patents in rodent breeding and the owner of his cleaning company. He is married, has 2 children, and in his spare time he plays golf and is fond of archery.