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Noises In Attic Los Angeles County California

Hearing unexplained noises above the ceiling are often a big  big indicator that you may have a a bat, bird or animal living in the attic of your home.  The three biggest culprits in attics are squirrels, bats, and raccoons which can live in your attic, eaves, soffits or fascia.

Take a look at your home outside from a critters perspective:

Do you see anything visible such as any openings or actual damage to the home.

Bat Removal Los Angeles  : If its a bat problem they can access anything 3/8ths’s of an inch or about the size a  regular #2 pencil or bic pen. Sometimes the best clue of a bat problem may be unexplained droppings or bat feces accumulation on the ground or parts of the home. We are certified in Bat Removal please call   for a complete bat inspection.

Bird Control Los Angeles: Birds like Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings can be aggressive and if you have damaged parts of your home and the birds find it you are gonna quickly realize your attic or parts of your home become full of pigeon poop (crap, feces, caca). We can help with trapping or harassing any nuisance bird problem and after consultation select the best method of bird removal or bird control for your situation.

Wildlife Control Los Angeles: Poorly maintained vents or broken , poorly fit or damaged vents is a big cause for problems with squirrels, raccoons. birds, bats in your home or attic. Some vent problems can not be seen from the ground level and will require a wildlife control inspection.

Squirrel in Attic Los Angeles  County California

Squirrel Removal Los Angeles: A squirrel in attic is a common occurence here in the Greater Los Angeles San Diego Southern California  Area. If you have squirrels around your home where do you think they are living. Most urban squirrels prefer the warmth and security of living in a structure by us compared to the hollows of any tree. Squirrels don’t travel great distances but if you watch them long enough  they may show you where there home really is. An expecting or pregnant squirrel will seek a safe place to have her den of squirrels and is pretty secretive until her babies start moving around on their own. Many people have had a squirrel living in their attic for months and never know it. A mother squirrel will make alot of noise teaching her young and you may hear squirrel chattering the attic.

Squirrel In Walls Los Angeles County California

Squirrels stuck in the wall just happens. Mom is away and the young squirrels eyes begin to open and they stray away looking for  mom and can simply fall form the attic into any exposed access into any wall or section of your home. If you hear noises in the wall and call us soon enough we can find that noise and remove it alive before a squirrel in the wall ends up being a bad odor in the house and needing someone to cut the same holes to find the dead animal in the walls. Professionals use special tools and can use several methods like infrared and video cameras with snake like probes to search for signs of a rat, mouse, squirrel either nesting inthe walls or stuck inthe wall with the least amount of damage and repair.

Written by Enzo Pavard

Enzo Pavard

Enzo Pavard is an expert in the destruction of harmful insects in Harlan, Kentucky He has 2 patents in rodent breeding and the owner of his cleaning company. He is married, has 2 children, and in his spare time he plays golf and is fond of archery.