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That water is essential for living is obvious. Blood, the all-important carrier of nutrition to the cells, consists mostly of water. And the absence of water leads to dehydration, dry mouth, dry skin, sunken eyes. Besides its internal uses, the evaporation of water helps regulate body temperature.

Fortunately, supplying water is so easy that it is usually not a problem. A bowl of water from which the pet can drink at will is all it needs. If there is enough water in the pet’s food, it is satisfied; if the food is of such a type that the pet must have additional water, it drinks from the bowl.

A dog drinks to replenish water lost by its system. Normally about 20percent of this loss (more in hot weather) passes out as vapor with the breath. Almost all the rest is eventually passed in the urine.

Severity percent of our pets’ bodies is water. Here are the percentages of the individual parts:

The water content of foods varies greatly. The juiciest meat contains about 75 percent water. So do many brands of canned dog food. Dehydrated meals and baked biscuits contain about 7 to so percent water. If they are dried below that level, they often absorb enough water from the air to build back up to the 7 to no percent level. It follows that some feeding schedules require a greater water intake than others. High water consumption, rather than indicating kidney disease or diabetes, as some pet owners surmise, often means that the diet is too dry. Conversely, dogs fed soft-moist products containing about 25 percent water will drink less than those dogs on dry diets. Since canned foods contain about 74 percent water, dogs on this diet need little supple-mental water. But remember the inconsistencies of nature and be assured some healthy dogs in similar environments eating similar diets will consume different amounts of water.

And we have been asked by dog owners whether it is harmful if their dogs eat snow. Not at all, snow dogs prefer it. In the Far North dogs eat snow as they would food. Even in areas where water and snow are simultaneously available, dogs often prefer snow.

Dog Water Tips

To serve your dear pet with clean and germ-free water in the best possible way you may try out the following tips.

  1. You may arrange for your little pup with an automatic water bowl. The bowl is connected to a garden hose. This would always enable your dog to get a steady supply of fresh and clean water.
  2. If you are going for a hiking or a trekking along with your dog you may carry a portable water bowl for your pet. The water bowl is waterproof and durable made up of high tech plastic canvas which folds into a compressed triangle.

You may also arrange for a motion activated outdoor pet fountain. Though this technology you will be able to provide your dog a stream of fresh water to drink. The fountain consists of a sonar sensor and the water starts flowing out whenever the dog comes within 3 feet of the fountain. The water stops flowing immediately after the pet moves away from it.

Written by Enzo Pavard

Enzo Pavard

Enzo Pavard is an expert in the destruction of harmful insects in Harlan, Kentucky He has 2 patents in rodent breeding and the owner of his cleaning company. He is married, has 2 children, and in his spare time he plays golf and is fond of archery.